Throughout my teaching, I promote an environment where students learn to think independently, ask questions of how and why, and develop connections across ideas and disciplines. To accomplish this, my classes emphasize inquiry-based discussion, hands-on activities, and field experiences that explore a range of ecosystems and methodologies. 


All course materials are hosted on Brightspace at courses.maine.edu

BIO 363: Evolution (offered Spring semester, odd years)

BIO/ENV 482: Theory and Methods of Scientific Inquiry (capstone course; offered every Spring)

BIO 383: Aquatic Biology (offered Fall semester, even years)

BIO110N: Global Change Ecology

BIO/ENV 177: Aquatic ecosystems of Iceland (May term 2022; co-taught with Dr Julia Daly, UMF Geology)

I also regularly supervise students for Independent Study course credit. Please get in touch if you are interested in any ongoing projects in the Aquatic Ecology and Climate Change lab, or if you would like to propose a research idea.