Lab members

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Dr. Rachel Hovel
Assistant Professor
University of Maine-Farmington
rachel.hovel |at|

current lab members

Grace DiMarco (UMF) Project: Dam removal monitoring, zooplankton communities in high-elevation lakes

Wheeler Lowell (UMF) Honors thesis: Zooplankton thermal response

Julien Chouinard (UMF) Project: Dam removal monitoring, Atlantic salmon early life history growth rates

Lab alumni

Brittney Longmore (UMF) Project: terrestrial resources in mountain pond food webs

Tom Dolman (UMF) Project: macroinvertebrate response to erosion in a coastal Arctic river

Isaiah Wilson-McFarlane (UMF) Project: zooplankton phenology

Thomas Wing (UMF) Project: macroinvertebrates in high elevation lakes (summer); Arctic fish life histories (academic year)

Michael Donnelly (UMF) Project: Otolith preparation for microchemistry analysis

Jamie Normand (UMF) Project: Constructing an open-access MariaDB database for Arctic fish research

Alfred Odong (UMF) Project: size structure of high-elevation zooplankton communities  

Grace Andrews (Colby College) Project: zooplankton communities and terrestrial linkages in high elevation Maine lakes

Ben Cloutier (UMF) Project: Arctic fish migration in a changing watershed

Kaylyn Walker (UMF) Project: Broad whitefish scale aging

Jordan Kapiloff (UMF) Project: Broad whitefish scale aging